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BC Rockstar

Pure Indica
$ 75 per 30 ml
$ - per 50 ml

Created right here in British Columbia from one of our most popular home-grown strains, BC Rockstar is a pure Indica cannabis oil with a rich consistency and the fresh, spicy fragrance of juniper berries.

17.6 mg/g
0.00 mg/g
Top 3 Terpenes

Laboratory Analysis

Potency Profile

  • delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol 17.6 mg/g 0.0 mg/g thca17.6 mg/g thc
  • Cannabidiol 0.0 mg/g 0.0 mg/g cbda0.0 mg/g cbd
  • Cannabichromene 0.3 mg/g 0.0 mg/g cbca0.3 mg/g cbc
  • Cannabigerol 0.8 mg/g 0.1 mg/g cbga0.7 mg/g cbg
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin 0.1 mg/g 0.0 mg/g thcva0.1 mg/g thcv
  • Terpenes 1.1 mg/g

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