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Some of our most common questions

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for registration you must be a resident of Canada and have the support of a Health Care Practitioner - this can be your Family Doctor, a Specialist, a Nurse Pratitioner or through a Cannabis Clinic. Your Medical Document must be in date and written by a Doctor registered with the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons in the Province they are practicing in. Documents provided by Doctors of Chinese Medicine, or Naturopaths are not acceptable for registration.

How long does registration take?

It is important that you double check your Registration Package before submitting it to us. Please take a moment to look at our registration steps and make sure that you have all the information we need to process your application as quickly as possible. If your documents are missing information, or contain mistakes, they may be refused and you will be required to submit new documents. Provided your documents are completed correctly, we will generally have you registered within 48 hours from when they are received.