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Cannabis with a Conscience

Hello, we’re WMMC. And we’re Cannabis Growers with a purpose.

We founded our business so that we could share our belief in the power of plants. We provide simple, honest products that are grown and harvested the old-fashioned way - that means we do things by hand, using real people.
We grow our plants in living soil, so we don’t have to rely on chemicals.
Everyone here shares our passion for doing things right. That’s why we don’t use hydroponics, aeroponics or pesticides - everything that goes into our crop comes from the earth, the sky and the ocean.
We’re proud to be Canada’s organic cannabis pioneers: FVOPA-certified since 2014.
Doing things our way takes time. More than that, it takes patience, discipline and skill. But we’re ok with that. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s something about Whistler.

Believe it or not, we didn’t choose Whistler as our base because we’re all tree-hugging, outdoorsy types (although more than a few of us fit that description). British Columbia has long been considered Cannabis’ spiritual home - and with good reason.

Our crop is fed on pure goodness: pollutant-free glacial waters formed thousands of years ago.

With its cool falls and warm summers, Whistler, in the heart of BC, is blessed with some of the best growing conditions in the country - arguably the world. But even more important than the climate are the mountains which surround our home. Every day, our plants are nourished with pure meltwater from Whistler’s alpine glaciers: organic, plentiful and guaranteed pollutant-free.

Getting older has its advantages.

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