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Medical Cannabis with a Conscience

FVOPA Organic Certified since 2014

We create simple, honest products, inspired by the power of plants.

13 Strains

Choose from 6 dried cannabis strains and 7 cannabis oils.

Minimal Waste

We take care to use the whole plant and use sustainable methods.

FVOPA Organic Certified

We’re proud to be Canada’s first organic Cannabis grower.

No chemicals

Our products are earth-friendly and chemical-free.

Everything by Hand

Every plant is hand-cultivated and harvested by our skilled growers.

Living Soil

We grow our plants in living soil, the way nature intended.

  • Dried Cannabis

    • Soil Grown
    • Hand Pruned
    • Hand Trimmed

    Good things come to those who wait. That’s why each of our organic dried Cannabis strains is grown slow, and takes around five months to go from planting to packing. We never grind, mill or blend your medication: our product is provided complete and intact, as whole flowers.

  • Cannabis Oils

    • Organic Blend
    • CO2 Butane-Free

    Our cannabinoid and terpene-rich Cannabis oils are extracted with precision and blended with care. Created using gentle, chemical-free methods to preserve our plants’ potency, our range of Cannabis oils combines our own organic-certified Cannabis resin with premium organic coconut and extra virgin olive oils.

  • Live Plants

    • Established Genetics
    • Cut to Order

    Easier than popping a seed, our live plants make it simple to grow your own. Our clones are taken direct from our mother plants for you to hand-rear at home. Each plant is cut to order and cared for by our team of experts until rooted and strong, then delivered direct to your door.

  • Topicals

    • Organic Blend
    • Targeted Application

    Designed to be absorbed through the skin, our range of hand-blended topical oils unlock the power of plants without delivering any psychoactive effects. Created in small batches by hand, the range combines our own organic Cannabis oil with all-organic coconut and extra virgin olive oils.

Whistler Grown

Organic Certified since 2014

We’ve been growing organic-certified medical Cannabis from our base in beautiful BC since 2014. And from day one, we’ve made a conscious decision to do things differently. We combine quality, organic ingredients with traditional, ethical methods and a truckload of know how to create products people love. It’s really that simple.

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